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We started ROOD a year ago as aspiring writers. Our goal was to create a space where we could be silly and play with our writing publicly.

Now we’d like to share our platform with you! Beginning in March, ROOD will be publishing your pieces too. Not just any pieces though; we’re looking for fresh, funny, zippy pieces with emotional and semi-political undercurrents. What does all of this mean? You tell US. We want to hear YOUR voice in these submissions.

Not a writer? Not a problem! We encourage you to tap into the writer within. If you’re not feeling confident with regards to structure or concept, no worries! We’re welcoming pitches and can provide feedback for what we believe the best direction for you and your piece would be.

What Are We Accepting?


Personal essays

Illustrations, comics and photography

Opinion pieces and reviews

Submission Guidelines

Anywhere between 200-1000 words

Rough outline and excerpt of writing style for pitches

Submit manuscripts as Word/Pages files, or via Google Docs link (no PDF files please)

💌 💌 💌

We encourage submissions from writers and creatives of all walks of life; queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, age, ability or gender.

Help us to create a community of fresh, witty and opinionated writers. Get typing, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say,

Please direct all submissions to roodmoodzine@gmail.com or slide into our Insta DMs with any further questions @rood.wtf


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