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Maddy interviews the Brisbane-based creator of OnlyPots, Elle. It’s nudes, but on pots.

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ROODMOOD: You’re absolutely killing it on the gram. Not only are you looking hot, but you’re bridging the gap between OnlyFans and ceramics by painting your nudes onto pots. Does it get any more 2020 than that?

ELLE: Uncomfortably post modern if I’m honest.

RM: OnlyFans is helping to re-monetise adult content. Can you walk us through your journey onto the platform? When and how did you get started? Were you worried or nervous about starting out?

E: I firstly want to touch on the idea of remonetisating adult content, because it is only recently we have been introduced to the idea of free porn. We have always seen nudity in art, then in magazines and film and tapes, but it’s always been a thing that was paid for. Porn is never truly free, someone is always being paid, even if the money doesn’t come from the consumer. Platforms like OnlyFans make adult content safe as it’s guaranteed to be consenting parties who are of age and in control of their own image. 

I was introduced to OnlyFans through top creator Jem Wolfie early last year when I saw the guy I liked followed her. I spent many months unsure if I hated her or if I was jealous and actually in love with her. I knew she’d made about $10 million in subscriptions but didn’t ever think that I personally would ever be able to make money from it. I signed up for an account in the new year in an attempt to pay my friend back for a last minute falls festival trip and donate some money to the Australian bushfires. 

I was talking to a cricket player at the time and joked I was going to sell my nudes to save the koalas and he immediately unfollowed me citing his career as the reason he couldn’t be associated with me. It made me really nervous about how my friends and family would react if I followed through and further how it would affect my relationships in future. My two best friends had really different reactions, one didn’t care that I was doing it but didn’t want to be involved, the other lost her mind and was immediately planning a trip to Bali to shoot content. 

My first post advertising that I joined the platform was a boomerang of me in a red dress with a “check bio” caption and I had to turn my phone off because I was so scared of how people would react. I lost a lot of followers the first day, mostly guys that I had talked to. My Snapchat with 10,000+ followers was deleted when I tried to link directly to OnlyFans which severely hindered by ability to advertise. I didn’t think I’d last a month on the platform and doubted I’d make any money. I made USD$1800 in the first 36 hours after posting the link. 

RM: The last few months have been pretty weird (and lonely). Thousands have been flocking to OnlyFans, both creators and customers, during quarantine. Have you noticed any change? Has lockdown affected you at all?

E: There’s definitely been a huge spike in creators on the site recently and I think it has made it harder to build an initial following. Unless you’re Tana Mongeau and have 5 million followers, you’re probably not going to gain immediate success during this period. Things are becoming very competitive with the wave of new creators. 

Being in lockdown allows for more time to create content and reply to messages but it doesn’t help to spark creativity. Realistically, content will get repetitive at some point, travelling and working with photographers would be a huge advantage but it’s just not possible at the moment. I’d also love to collaborate with other girls on the platform and eventually make content with a boyfriend but there’s not much dating going on these days. 

Even with this being said, I think if anything, my account has been positively affected by the lockdown because people are bored and want to try something fun and new or just have a chat with me. They have more free time and disposable income because they’re not going out and making impulse purchases. It will be interesting to see the long term effects of covid on the adult industry encompassing escorting and strip clubs also.

RM: Let’s talk OnlyPots. You’ve been painting your nudes onto pots and selling them on your OnlyFans. It’s officially our favourite thing ever. Talk us through the birth of OnlyPots. We also noticed you happen to be a fantastic artist, which can’t hurt.

E: Up until recently, I’d never painted. I grew up in a creative household (dad is an architect, mum is an artist) and have always had access to art supplies and been encouraged to create. My medium has always been watercolour aquarelle pencils and I really only ever do portraits. 

My sister loves to have myself and roommates out on the balcony with wine making new projects to pass time. We’re all huge plant aficionados, I take them out to a new nursery every week. One day she called me over for a pot painting night, I took everyone to bunnings to buy supplies and we spent the night on the floor painting pots. I was inspired by Jones + Co line art pots I had seen at mappins nursery to paint my uncensored nudes onto the pots. As with any scandalous photo, I was scared to post it on Instagram. I didn’t know how people would react – especially to seeing my nipple on their feed. I have never gotten such a positive response to anything, there was about 100 replies to the pots and a dozen or so requests to purchase. 

RM: The people we’ve shown OnlyPots to have been eager to purchase them. Someone even said they’d love you to paint their own nude onto a pot! Have you thought about expanding the business? Would you consider painting some custom nude pots? Personally, we froth it.

E: I’ve looked into getting a website through shopify or something similar or even just starting an Etsy account but the fees are quite steep and would either make the pots really expensive or I would just break even. I’ve made an Instagram for my OnlyPots @ellesonlypots where you can see my art and pot updates. 

I don’t know exactly where the pots are headed, I’ve been experimenting with paining birds and food so they could become a fully customisable product if people are interested! I would LOVE to paint other people’s nudes on pots. Ethically, asking someone for their nudes to I can stare at them intently for an hour is bizarre but if they are comfortable with it I’m all for it. Could it be a more perfect valentines gift for your partner or side piece?

RM: How much are charging for pots and how can people get in touch with you?

E: You could argue they are worth thousands or even priceless as my body is a temple, but the pots I’ve already done are available for $99. You can get in touch with me on my Instagram @LNCNN or jump the queue are subscribe and message me on my OnlyFans @NNCNL to request a custom pot or wait list for me to create a new self portrait pot!

RM: Do you have any advice to new creators?

E: Think long and hard about your goals in life and how you want to be viewed by the world. Don’t sign up if you dream of being a lawyer or a politician. The world still holds a heavy stigma to all forms of sex work. Everything you put on the internet is there forever, this doesn’t just go for racist slurs and thoughtless comments but also for all images and accounts. Consider being anonymous and not using your face and name if you are concerned. Additionally, never make any content that you aren’t comfortable having leaked. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you to go further than what you are willing to. Set boundaries and stick to them. If you start an account with the intentions of only posting lewds, don’t allow money to be a driver to challenge your own values. 

On the technical side of things, use a service like linktree or milkshake to compile all your links for your Instagram bio and sharing on Snapchat as you are likely to be shadow banned or have your account terminated if they believe you are directly linking to porn. Post regularly and endeavour to reply to all messages. Find other creators in the industry through social media for support, advice and cross promotion. Have lots of fun, take cute booty pics and make that coin!

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Follow Elle at @LNCNN on Insta and @NNCNL on OnlyFans for more.

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