This is The Ultimate HOT GIRL SUMMER Bucket List. 

Our creator Megan Thee Stallion herself said that a Hot Girl Summer is just about living your truth, having fun, turning up, and driving the boat. Well Megan, that is exactly what we aim to do between the months of December and February. We’ve thrown together some very important things that we think every Hot Girl should aim to complete this summer. 

It’s 2019.  Let it be known, a Hot Girl Summer is gender neutral. It’s open to everyone— as long as you follow our rules. We wouldn’t deny anyone of this opportunity… and pleasure. We swear this is all really important, and not just shit we came up with to keep busy while we wait for our friends to return from Europe. 

This is The Ultimate HOT GIRL SUMMER Bucket List. 

Ride a Ferry Across the Brisbane River
Hot Girls should take time to appreciate their surroundings. In our personal experience, a ferry is a great way to see a city. You may not be driving the boat, but life as a passenger is always less stressful anyway. If you can’t get to Brisbane, that’s a shame. Your local river will suffice.

Switch Up Your Rings
It’s common knowledge for a Hot Girl that fingers swell up in Summer. It’s science. Take time to learn the sizes of your rings, and adjust accordingly to the weather. Maybe that ring formerly worn on your pointer could help accentuate your thumb. As a bonus, this also keeps people on their toes. You’re crazy. Who knows what you’ll do next. 

Get Into a Sport
A Hot Girl should take an interest in sports. The AFL season may be over (I will always love you, Ivan) but the NBA and the NHL are just heating up. Pick the tallest boy in the league, follow his team, learn the rules. Get amongst it. There’s no ‘i’ in team. But there is an ‘i’ in Hot Girl. 

Appreciate Sharks
Sharks are often regarded as one of man’s greatest enemies. A Hot Girl should be a friend to all animals, particularly the King of the Sea. Summer is a great time to swim in the ocean, but it’s also a great time to educate yourself. 

Go To A Museum
It can be easy to lose brain cells over summer – a Hot Girl knows this better than anyone. Stimulate your mind at your local museum or art gallery to keep yourself in tip top mental shape. We’ve heard GOMA’s good. How can a Hot Girl appreciate the present if she can’t appreciate the past? 

Get an Enema
Clean bowels are sexy. A Hot Girl should start her summer fresh, and empty. I saw a YouTuber do this in a vlog and it looked like she had a great time. 

Try a New Hairstyle 
If you hair is falling out on one side, never fear! A Hot Girl always has options, and always has battle strategies. Take the side pony for example. A little left-skew, but the perfect solution. If Summer is getting too hot to handle, a Hot Girl should have the confidence to start fresh and shave it all off.

Go to the Zoo and Unleash All the Animals
Are you even a Hot Girl if you don’t save the environment? Zoos are a tricky one. You want to spend time with the animals, but are they happy? Have they had time to find the one? A release from their captivity might be the solution to all of their (and your) problems. 

Learn to Ride Horses
Michelle Payne is the definition of a Hot Girl. Take some time this holiday season to familiarise yourself with the animal. If you happen to have a cousin with a lot of acreage and some horses, even better. Let’s make jodhpurs Hot Girl certified.

Stay Cool
A Hot Girl should never sweat unless she’s in spin class. A great way to stay cool is to befriend someone with aircon, or a pool. Sweet, sweet breeze.

Go to a Climate Strike
A Hot Girl should always hold strong and informed political opinions. Get your fellow Hot Girls together for a crafty afternoon full of glitter and glue and hit the pavement with your witty and intellectual signs!

Break Hearts
A Hot Girl knows that it’s vital to dump at least three boys between the period of December – February. It’s just like, the rules of feminism. Miley Cyrus is our current mood. Acai bowls with Cody Simpson are something we didn’t realise we needed. 

Go to a Butterfly Park
A Hot Girl knows that insects are one of God’s greatest creations. Butterflies are always good to see and never fail to brighten a Hot Girl’s day. Also, my brother once told me that his ideal wife is someone who enjoys butterfly parks. We don’t want to marry Maddy’s brother, but he is a boy.

Learn How to Fix a Car
A Hot Girl can’t afford to go to the mechanic, she needs to save her pennies for espresso martinis. Teach yourself how to do everything on YouTube, then blow everyone away when you’re pumping up your flat tire in the middle of the highway – alone. 

Try a Dating Experiment
‘Three Girls One Tub’ is one we’ve come up with ourselves (if you can’t tell). A Hot Girl should partake in at least one dating experiment in her lifetime, and this is a goodie. Charity nourishes the soul. Once university is over, this will take number 1 priority. Stay tuned for more. 

So, as you can see we’re going to be very busy over the Summer. The grind never stops for a Hot Girl. See how many of these you can tick off and become your ultimate Hot Girl self. 


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