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Gaga’s Greatest Role Yet: GAGA

There can be 100 people in the room; 99 may not believe in you, but it only takes one person to change everything.

That one person needs no introduction – her reputation precedes her. You may know her as a hermaphrodite, Aphrodite-lady-seashell-bikini, an Italian girl from New York, a fucking rock star, Joanne, an Oscar winner, or Mother Monster. She has taken the metaphor of ‘life-as-theatre’ to the farthest extreme, to the extreme where the world has become her stage; 7.7 billion people her extras; and she, our leading lady. Ladies and gender-nonconforming cuties, put your hands up, make ’em touch, touch, and applause, applause, applause for this year’s Met Gala co-chair – Lady Gaga.

Last year, Little Monsters around the globe celebrated Gaga’s tenth year in the limelight. It seemed like only yesterday that she was giving birth to alien entities on our BlackBerry screens, and yet we couldn’t imagine the 21st century without her.

We watched as she joined the ranks of Bowie, Grace Jones, Madonna and Prince in changing the way a generation defined sex and celebrity. Suddenly sexy was synonymous with freaky; with androgynous bodies wrapped in red lace and built-in shoulder pad prosthetics and dance moves akin to the seizures of shock treatment victims. She was stretching the limits of celebrity persona with her kaleidoscope of perpetually shifting Gagas. Who was she? What was she? Where did she come from? Is a disco stick what I think it is?

Who cares — I’m too busy having my tiny gay lungs winded by her delivery of the performance of a lifetime. A decade of Gaga has kept us perplexed and disturbed and titillated and turned on; awake.

There’s always been something inherently queer and camp about the hyper-humanity Gaga sells – her epic commitment to self expression, her desire to be seen and defined by terms of her own. She squeezes and pushes, gives us everything she’s got, stabs her heart out on live television, and then she stands up, puts on a new wig, and takes it one step further.

And that’s one step, out of 100 people, that only Gaga would take.


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