Have you ever seen something that was so bad it was good? Not just good, but iconic. Forever burned into your retinas as that moment you will never escape and wouldn’t if you could.

Britney and JT’s double denim moment; Jealousy by Paris Hilton; The Princess Switch (no? Was that just us?); all six seasons of Glee (are we losing you?); Tess Tyler’s shoulder-shimmy at Camp Rock’s Opening Jam (great, you’re back).

Did we whet your appetites? Do you want more? Are you ready to tuck into the tasty morsel we’ve prepared for today’s 12 Days piece…?

Enter; Drew Barrymore, Camp’s unsung hero of the twenty-first century.

Maybe you’re thinking ‘doesn’t she eat people in that lame Netflix show now?’ (yes; and she does it so well), or maybe you’re not thinking about her at all because you were in nappies when she was hot rom-com property – and we won’t judge you for that.

Personally speaking, we can’t relate. Tom, the full blown faggot that he is, never let her out of his sight. The Charlie’s Angels remakes changed the course of his life and his expectations of modern cinema forever. Never Been Kissed sent Madsy on a one way trip to Drew Town. Watching the baby-faced junior copywriter, Josie Gellar, stumble her way to a good story for the Chicago Sun-Times sent her on her own bumpy ride into a career in journalism and 80 grand debt.

Love or hate her, you can’t deny that Drew shows all the way up in every role she’s ever played. Maybe it doesn’t always result in an award winning performance, or even a glowing Daily Mail review, but hey – isn’t that what Camp is? Getting balls deep in your own delusions, and emerging – just as Drew did – with something to show the world.


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