Child genius and slave to the corporate rhythm — Jackson Morwood — drops by to give us a pep talk on surviving capitalist exploitation.

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I filled my car up with petrol yesterday. I was offered a deal to buy two sweet treaties to take 8 cents off a litre and my capitalist-hardwired brain told me that was a good idea. In the end I spent $33.45 when my petrol total was a mere $28.22. I was so intent on getting the best value for my money that I spent an extra $5 and sadly wolfed down my two chocolate bars. (Not the sign of a man in power). 

This is where we’re at. This is where capitalism has brought us. The government, AKA The Man, has led western society down a path of destruction, encouraging us to find maximum value at little expense. This system keeps us pencil pushers at bay and entices us into the illusion of happiness, when in reality we’re completing the chores of the world with little reward.

Just before you go thinking I’m preaching a hardcore fascist or communist overthrow of western society, hold your horses. Capitalism has done some marvellous things for this world and without it many countries would arguably still be living in the dark ages. I’m just saying no system’s perfect, so why can’t an immature 19 year old improve a system which has taken brilliant minds hundreds of years to perfect? 

Despite all the somewhat unsolicited criticism I’ve been hurling at capitalism, I will say this; our system does fulfil one of our deepest desires. That is of course, purpose. When it boils down to it, human beings have this unrequited desire to feel as if their life has meaning and they have an important place in the world. We all believe we’d like to be on holidays 24/7, but what makes holidays special is it’s a break from excessive hard work. 

But I’m working hard so I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

That’s, in my opinion, one human ideology that could be improved. We’re always striving for the next big, amazing thing in our lives that’s going to bring us happiness. It’s this mentality which enables capitalism to hold us in its strangling chokehold. We’re always looking to invest in a cure-all phenomenon that gifts us the key to happiness and other human beings have realised this, leading them to use it to profit off of us. If we were to take our eyes off the ‘one-day’ pipe dream and focus them on right now, we’d realise things aren’t too bad. This could be the key to breaking free of capitalism’s mighty grasp and living a fulfilled life. 

I really believe it’s all about embracing ‘the now’. Whether you’re feeling on top of the world, just terrible or nothing. It’s all part of being human and living our lives. Taking each moment of each day as it comes and welcoming everything that comes our way. Don’t worry about that work shift tomorrow. Enjoy today. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself on that night out in the valley three weeks ago. It’s been and gone. You’re here now. And fuck capitalism. Break free from that grasp. 

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When Jackie’s not busy fighting the powers that be he can be found sleeping or working on visionary projects like his in-the-works app about being kind to drivers on the road. Follow him at @ shoppingurl4553

Please let it be known: Image below is Jackson’s own.

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